We have been busy changing our
way of thinking and the products
we bring to the market.


One Leg.

One Hub.

One Rail.

Many Solutions.

Sharp Idea

The entire concept was based around
flexibility - a system that used as few
components as possible, but that
could be configured in multiple ways.

Highly EngineeredBlade is an entirely new table system
that can create a variety of shapes
and sizes all built from the same
adjustable leg and hub.
Structurally StrongSteel leg construction as opposed to
aluminium gives greater strength to
weight ratio and significantly lowers
manufacturing emissions.
Flexible DesignWe wanted to create a product with
an aethestic that was very simple
and unobtrusive to allow people
to use it in different settings
and environments.

Bright Thinking

The Blade Workplace system has
a range of standard leg colours
and finishes including timber veneer
and chrome that compliments a variety
of worktop finishes.

Complete SolutionThe BLADE product family offers a
complete workpoint solution with a
clear and consistent visual language
Clever ThinkingThe entire Blade family includes
unique and innovative integrated
cable management.
Neat ThinkingWith ample capacity within the leg for
multiple cables, power and data can
be discreetly housed, segregated
and managed.
Functional DesignBLADE has a full range of
desk accessories to complete
the aesthetic and functionality
of workpoints and desks.
Conference table Create
Meeting table Create
Boardroom Create
Double Sided Workstation Create
Single Sided Workstation Create
Not Thinking Straight?
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